Seals of the U.S. Military Services

Military Hall of Honor Mission Statement

The Military Hall of Honor is to identify and honor every man and woman, dead or living, that has honorably served (or is serving) in the Armed Forces of the United States. Beginning with the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War and continuing to the present, millions of records will be compiled and made freely accessible, and searchable, so everyone can learn about, and pay tribute to, these warriors. MHOH displays virtually what a tangible hall of honor might include ... if one existed.

MHOH resources are available to create a record for each honoree that includes:

  • Profile
  • Biographical data regarding their military service and life (as available)
  • Medals, badges, patches, awards, and honors received (displayed as they were worn)
  • Data on units in which the honoree served
  • Photos page
  • Remembrances page (for those who know and/or served with the honoree)
  • Tributes page (visitors can express their gratitude for the honoree's military service)

All of the above is furnished without charge to any member of MHOH; and membership is free.

Veterans, relatives or friends of veterans, genealogists, military historians/researchers, etc. are encouraged to become members and create Honoree Records. Working together, we can create what has never existed before: A single location where information on all those who have served in our country's military can be found and where tribute can be paid to honor their service and sacrifice!

Mementō Semper
"Remember Always"