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First Name: David

Last Name: Boyle

Birthplace: USA

Gender: Male

Branch: Navy (present)


Middle Name: Joseph

Date of Birth: 09 October 1947

Date of Death: 14 February 1966

Rank or Rate: Seaman

Years Served:
David Joseph Boyle

•  Vietnam War (1960 - 1973)


David Joseph Boyle

Seaman, U.S. Navy

David Joseph Boyle was born on 9 October 1947.

On 14 February 1966, Seaman David Joseph Boyle was serving on PCF-4 (Patrol Craft, Fast) in PCF Division 101, Task Force 115, U.S. Naval Forces Vietnam in South Vietnam.

The small PCF boats, known as Swiftboats, were new to Vietnam. They had arrived in October 1965, and were used to patrol the coast to prevent the Viet Cong from getting supplies by sea. They did such a good job that it was not long before they became the objects of ambushes and boobytraps. SN Boyle served on PCF-4 operating from An Thoi on the border between South Vietnam and Cambodia.

On Valentine's Day, 14 February 1966, PCF-4 was on patrol in Military Region 4 when they spotted a VC flag on a pole floating in the water. Such poles were used by fishermen to hold their nets. The boat approached cautiously, tossing grenades in an attempt to detonate any boobytrap. After using several grenades, the boat eased up to the pole to retrieve the VC flag. At that time, the Viet Cong on the beach detonated a large bomb under the boat. Of her crew of six, four were killed, including Seaman David Boyle, and two were badly wounded by the explosion.

Every Valentine's Day, these men are remembered by those who rode the boats in Vietnam.


Purple Heart
National Defense Service Medal
Vietnam Service Medal
Vietnam Campaign Medal


The name David J Boyle is located on Panel 05E Line 031 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.


David Joseph Boyle is buried at Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno, CA.


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