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First Name: Hugh

Last Name: Redmond

Birthplace: Yonkers, NY, USA

Gender: Male

Branch: Army (1784 - present)

Middle Name: Francis

Date of Birth: 20 October 1919

Date of Death: 13 April 1970


Years Served:
Hugh Francis Redmond

•  World War II (1941 - 1945)


Hugh Francis Redmond
Paratrooper, U.S. Army

Hugh Francis Redmond was born on 30 October 1919 in Yonkers, NY.

After WWII, Redmond worked for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in their storied Special Activities Division. He was in Shanghai, China, disguised as an ice cream machine salesman from 1946-51, returning intelligence information on the Communists.

As he was boarding a ship to San Francisco to return to the U.S., he was captured and imprisoned. Held for almost twenty years in a prison camp, he was severely tortured, but never admitted his connection to the CIA.

He died in 1970; the Chinese claim he slit his wrists on 13 April 1970. The Chinese cremated his remains and they were returned to the U.S. Considerable mystery still surrounds whether or not he was murdered during his imprisonment.

Death and Burial

Hugh Francis Redmond died 13 April 1970 in China. He is buried at Oakland Cemetery in Yonkers, NY. His epitaph reads "His Country Above All Else." 

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