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First Name: Charles

Last Name: Lewis

Birthplace: Staunton, VA, USA

Gender: Male

Branch: Militia - Revolutionary War

Date of Birth: 11 March 1736

Date of Death: 10 October 1774


Years Served:
Charles Lewis


Charles Lewis
Colonel, Virginia Militia

Charles Lewis was born on 11 March 1736 at Lewis Fort near Staunton, VA. Charles was the only American-born son of John and Margaret Lynn Lewis who fled County Donegal, Ireland, to settle in the Valley of Virginia. The beloved brother of Thomas, Andrew, William and Margaret Lynn, Charles was active in the defense of Virginia at a very young age.

At age 23, Charles led 150 men in the pursuit of the Indian Chief Cornstalk after the Shawnee's first known raid at Kerr's Creek on 10 October 1759. He was once captured by the Indians and doubtless would have been put to death had he not made his escape by out-running them.

He married New York-born Sarah Murray on 19 June 1762, and they made their home at the 950 acre Fort Lewis Plantation on the Cowpasture River, in what is now Bath County, VA. He became the County Lieutenant for Augusta after 1770 and was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses from 1773-74.

Lewis was again called to the service of his country and took command of the Augusta County Regiment at Point Pleasant during Lord Dunmore's War. He led the initial attack of 150 officers and men into the Battle of Point Pleasant on the morning of 10 October 1774 against Cornstalk and the Confederacy of Indian Nations. There he fell, mortally wounded, and died in his tent around noon. His last words were "I have sent one of the enemy to Eternity before me." He was buried with his fellow slain officers in 'the magazine' on 10 October 1774.

Noble, generous, gallant and fearless, Lewis was mourned by the entire Valley of Virginia, but mostly by his grieving widow, Sarah, and five children at Fort Lewis: Elizabeth, Margaret Lynn, John, Andrew and Charles Cameron. Had he lived, he undoubtedly would have been one of the most acclaimed officers of his time. Instead, he fell at "the Point" at the age of 38, leading the charge of the Virginians in the first battle of the American Revolution. Sarah not only lost her husband in that battle, but her brother Captain John Murray and her half-brother Private George Cameron as well.


• A large monument in memory of Colonel Charles Lewis stands in the Tu Eudie Wie State Park in Point Pleasant, WV.

Lewis County, WV, was named in honor of Colonel Charles Lewis.

Death and Burial

Colonel Charles Lewis was killed in action on 10 October 1774 at Point Pleasant, WV. He is buried at Battle Monument State Park in Point Pleasant.

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