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First Name: John

Last Name: Ehrlichman

Birthplace: Tacoma, WA, USA

Gender: Male

Branch: U.S. Army Air Forces (1941 - 1947)

Date of Birth: 20 March 1925

Date of Death: 14 February 1999


Years Served:
John Ehrlichman

•  World War II (1941 - 1945)


John Ehrlichman

Officer, U.S. Army Air Forces

John Ehrlichman was born on 20 March 1925 in Tacoma, WA, the son of Rudolph Irwin and Lillian Catherine (née Danielson) Ehrlichman. His family practiced Christian Science (his father was born Jewish and converted). He was an Eagle Scout and recipient of the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award.

In World War II, Ehrlichman won the Distinguished Flying Cross as a lead B-17 Navigator in the Eighth Air Force. (In the same war, his father served in the Royal Canadian Air Force, and was killed in a crash in Torbay, Canada, on 6 May 1942.)

Taking advantage of the G.I. Bill after the war, Ehrlichman attended the University of California, Los Angeles, graduating in 1948 with a B.A. in Political Science. After graduating from Stanford Law School in 1951, he joined a Seattle law firm, becoming a partner, where he remained until 1969 when he entered politics full-time.

An advisor to President Nixon, he was imprisoned for his involvement in the Watergate cover-up. He and H.R. Haldeman were Nixon's top two advisors during the Watergate scandal. He resigned that post in April 1973 and was convicted two years later of Obstruction of Justice, Conspiracy and Perjury. He spent 18 months in a minimum security federal prison.

After his release, he moved to New Mexico and became an artist, author, and political commentator.


John Ehrlichman died of natural causes on 14 February 1999 in Atlanta, GA. He was cremated and the disposition of his ashes is unknown.

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