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First Name: Frank

Last Name: Ebey


Gender: Male

Branch: Army (1784 - present)

Middle Name: Ward

Date of Birth: 18 September 1907

Date of Death: 28 January 1970

Rank: Colonel

Years Served:
Frank Ward Ebey

•  World War II (1941 - 1945)


Frank Ward Ebey
Colonel, U.S. Army

Frank Ward Ebey was born in 18 September 1907

He graduated from the U.S. Military Academy with the Class of 1932. The Academy's Howitzer Yearbook contained the following data on Ebey:

FRANK WARD EBEY Hamlet, North Carolina Tenth District, North Carolina FRANK WARD'S trail is easily followed by looking for men who are leaning weakly against walls, and such like, while wiping tears from their eyes. He adds to the brightness of the Pointer (when he is not too late with his copy) with a page of witticisms attributed to Sallyport Sal. He is known by every man on the post and disliked by none. He had rather be in a mounted outfit than be president. He comes from Hamlet, N. C, and will argue with anyone for any length of time on any subject pertaining to the beauteous Southland. He has been reported for every offense known to the authorities, but has never yet lost his idealistic ideas about West Point. No one who has known him can ever forget him any more than one can help being fond of him. He is positively a fund of information on any subject with the exception of math. He is adept at everything except writing a legible hand and drawing a straight line with a ruler. He will someday be famous for preserving the morale of troops when everything seems lost.

He was wounded at Pearl Harbor and was credited with the shooting down of the first Japanese airplane of World War II.

Death and Burial

Frank Ward Ebey died on 28 January 1970 in Pacific Palisades, CA. He is buried at the U.S. Military Academy Post Cemetery in West Point, NY.

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