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First Name: George

Last Name: Kinnear

Birthplace: Mounds, OK, USA

Gender: Male

Branch: Navy (present)


Middle Name: E. R.

Date of Birth: 12 January 1928

Rank or Rate: Admiral

Years Served:
George E. R. Kinnear, II


George E. R. "Gus" Kinnear II
Admiral, U.S. Navy


George E.R. Kinnear II was born on 12 January 1928 in Mounds, OK.

He enlisted in the S2C Combat Air Crew Program on 15 January 1945. During March-April 1945 he was in recruit training at NATTC, Memphis, TN. From May-July 1945 he attended AMM "A" School at NATTC, Norman, OK. From August 1945 to August 1946, he was in the V-5 Program at Missouri Valley, Miami University and University of Florida. He was in Selective Flight at NAS Dallas from September-December 1946 and in Preflight at NAS Ottumwa (Aviation Midshipman) from January to May 1947. He was in Flight Training at NAS Corpus Christi, TX, NAS Pensacola, FL, and NAS Jacksonville, FL from June 1947 to September 1948.

Kinnear was designated a Naval Aviator on 8 September and was commissioned as an Ensign on 28 December 1948.

U.S. Navy Duty Assignment Chronology

1/45 Enlisted S2C Combat Air Crew Program.

3/45-4/45 Recruit Training, NATTC Memphis, TN.

5/45-7/45 AMM "A" School, NATTC Norman, OK.

8/45-8/46 V-5 Program, Missouri Valley, Miami University and University of Florida..

9/46-12/46 Selective Flight, NAS Dallas.

1/47-5/47 Preflight, NAS Ottumwa (Aviation Midshipman).

6/47-9/48 Flight Training, NAS Corpus Christi, NAS Pensacola, NAS Jacksonville.

10/48-1/49 ATU-1, Flight Instructor.

1/49-3/50 VF-173.

3/50-9/50 VF-742 (Discharged as Ensign USN. Sworn in Ensign USNR 3/31/50).

10/50-2/54 VA-45 (Recalled 10/50).

2/54-10/54 FASRON-6, IFTU.

10/54-1/56 Bureau of Aeronautics, Washington, DC.

1/56-8/57 George Washington University (BA Physical Science and Math, MA Personnel Management).

8/57-6/58 Navy Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA (Line School).

7/58-7/60 USS Antetium (CV-36).

8/60-6/61 Naval War College, Newport, RI.

6/61-12/61 VA-44 (A4 RAG).

12/61-8/63 VA-12.

8/63-8/64 VA-106.

8/64-8/66 Stanford University (MS Industrial Engineering and PhD Engineering Management).

8/66-3/67 Carrier Air Wing 12. Pre-CAW training.

3/67-7/68 Commander, Carrier Air Wing 2.

8/68-1/70 OPNAV (OP-090).

1/70-8/70 Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Financial Management).

9/70-5/71 Commanding Officer, USS Spigel Grove (LSD-32).

6/71-6/72 Commanding Officer, NAS Miramar, CA.

6/72-5/74 BUPERS, Assistant Chief, Plans & Policy.

6/74-5/75 Commander, Carrier Group ONE.

6/75-4/78 Chief of Legislative Affairs, Department of the Navy, Washington, DC.

4/78-6/81 Commander, Naval Air Force, Atlantic Fleet, Norfolk, VA.

7/81-9/82 U.S. Military Representative NATO, Headquarters Brussels, Belgium.

10/1/82 Retired in grade of Admiral.

Dates of Active/Reserve Duty

15 January 1945 - 1 October 1982

Flight Data

Total Flight Hours: 6,000

Carrier/Ship Landings: Fixed wing: 950+

Approximate Flight Hours: VF/VA Jet: 3,200 Propeller: 2,000

Other Jet & Propeller: C-5, C-130, C-131, KC-135, KC-137, C-141 - 800 hours

Combat Tours

Korea: VA-155, USS Princeton and VA-45, USS Lake Champlain , 1953 (AD-4B)

Vietnam: USS Kitty Hawk (A4, A6, E2) and CAW-2 in USS Ranger (A4, A6, A7, F4), 1967 - 1968

Aviation Commands

CO, VA-106, Aug. 1963 - Aug. 1964 (A4C).

Commander, Carrier Air Wing TWO, Mar. 1967 - Aug. 1968 (A4, A6, A7, F4, RA5, E2, A3T, A3EW).

CO, NAS Miramar, Jun. 1971 - Jun. 1972

Commander, Carrier Group ONE, Apr. 1974 - Apr. 1975.

Commander, Naval Air Force, Atlantic Fleet, May. 1978 - Jul. 1981.

Combat Awards

2 Air Medals (1 Individual and 1 Strike Flight) from Korea

1 Navy Commendation Medal with Combat "Valor" Device

Legion of Merit with Combat "Valor" Device from Vietnam

4 Distinguished Flying Crosses

12 Air Medals (2 Individual & 10 Strike Flight)

3 Navy Commendation Medals with Combat "Valor" Device

Non-Combat Awards

2 Navy Distinguished Service Medals

3 Legions of Merit

In Retirement

October 1982 to October 1988: Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Bethpage.

Corporate Senior Vice President (Washington)

Corporate Vice President (Washington)

Vice President International (Washington)

October 1988 to February 1992: University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH.

Interim President

Executive Vice President/CFO.

April 1992 to July 1992: New England Digital Corp., Lebanon, NH, Vice Chairman and CEO.

October 1992 to October 1994: The Retired Officers Association, Washington, DC.

Chairman, Board of Directors.

October 1994 to present: Kinnear Associates & Kinnear Associates NH, President.

May 1999 to present: eVelocity Corporation, Portsmouth, NH, Chairman.

Current Boards

Compaq Computer Corporation (Emeritus 4/98)

The Aerospace Corporation (Emeritus 12/99)

Precision Standard Corporation (Emeritus 7/99)

Center for Study of the Presidency

U.S. Naval Heritage Center Foundation

Naval Aviation Museum Foundation

Whittemore School of Business & Economics UNH

Strawbery Banke Museum


Married to Mary E. Cundari Kinnear.

Children: George III, D. Kevin, Kandace Kinnear Watkins, P. Kimberley, Holly Kinnear Murray, Douglas A., Stephen G. Cundari, Christina M. Cundari-Vieglais, and David F. Cundari.

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