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First Name: William

Last Name: Lambert

Birthplace: Ironton, OH, USA

Gender: Male

Branch: Air Force (1947 - present)

Middle Name: Carpenter

Date of Birth: 18 August 1894

Date of Death: 19 March 1982

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

Years Served:
William Carpenter Lambert

•  World War I (1914 - 1918)
•  World War II (1941 - 1945)


William Carpenter Lambert
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Air Force

William Carpenter Lambert was born on 18 August 1894 in Ironton, OH, the son of William G. and Mary Lambert.

With 22 officially confirmed air combat victories in World War I, Lambert was the second highest scoring American Ace of that conflict. Because he spent the entire war in a British uniform, flying with the famed No. 24 Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps, his victory total is almost always omitted when lists of American aces are compiled. His combat victory total was second only to Edward V. Rickenbacker's 26. Lambert had been removed from combat activities in August 1918 when he was hospitalized for combat fatigue and a ruptured ear drum. Between the wars, Lambert flew as a barnstorming air show pilot.

As a U.S. Army Air Corps Reservist, Lambert was recalled to active duty during the Second World War as an Engineer. Following that war, he remained in the Air Force Reserve until 1954, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.

He was the author of two books: "Combat Report" and "Barnstorming and Girls."

Death and Burial

Lieutenant Colonel William Carpenter Lambert died on 19 March 1982 in Ironton, OH. He is buried at Woodland Cemetery in Ironton.

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